One of the obvious benefits of blinds is that they offer far better control of how much light you want to allow into a room, compared with curtains.Unlike curtains, which are generally either open or closed, slatted blinds, for example, can allow some light in and even angle how the light comes in. They can also let no light in at all, if they’re tightly slatted, letting you have a lie-in on a Sunday morning or creating a darker environment for your home-theatre system.

Simple to install, low in maintenance, and attractive, blinds are one of the easiest ways to quickly transform the look and feel of a room.

From Wooden Venetian slats to Vertical or Roman , your size, colour and material options are endless. For example, the wood-look aluminium blinds are a good alternative to wood if you’re on a budget.

We stock the traditional blind varieties, but our range also stretches to panel blinds as well as bamboo and outdoor roller blinds. I really like how panel blinds add definition to a room and create a contemporary feel. Bamboo is becoming ever-popular because it’s an Eco-friendly, sustainable material and it creates a lovely natural look. We also stock roller blinds, particularly useful for your patio, either to keep the sun’s rays out or to keep you dry in the rainy season. Now also available, Double Roller helps control the amount of light entering your room, while still maintaining your privacy.

Another benefit is that blinds are durable and easy to clean. It’s important to note that not all blinds are suitable for wet areas, so it’s a good idea to discuss exactly where you’re planning to install blinds and what sort of environment it is. We have various blinds that can be installed in bathrooms.

All our blinds are made to size for your application. We also have a fitting team.